What is Marketing and Branding?

We authors are creating a product -- our books.

Products need to be marketed, so people know they exist.

But many authors are afraid of marketing, find it distasteful, scary, and avoid it altogether.

That's a mistake. (Though I understand where these feelings come from.)

Marketing is just one more tool in the author's toolkit that can be learned like you learned how to craft a story.

Think of it this way: You've created a beautiful one-of-a-kind doodad and now you need to let people (who would like and benefit from your doodad) know that it's available for purchase.

Marketing and branding aren't the same.

Branding is the first step -- defining who you are and what's important to you. We covered that in Lesson 2. (Click here if you haven't done that lesson.)

Then comes marketing -- sharing the news in a way to attract your target audience.

This course focuses on both branding and marketing.

from http://www.slideshare.net/aprildunford/be-awesome-at-startup-marketing-and-sales

Marketing is The Art of Connecting People with Stuff They Want

Marketing is connecting

Marketing is Connecting

Marketing is connecting with people about what they want. This is why it's important to know your readers and what's important to them.

Marketing is about tellin stories

Marketing is about Telling Stories

I love what Seth Godin says here. You're a fiction writer. You can tell stories.

Use his questions to look at your audience and then draft the answers in story form:

WHO are you trying to reach? (If the answer is 'everyone', start over.)

HOW will they become aware of what you have to offer?

WHAT story are you telling/living/spreading?

DOES that story resonate with the worldview these people already have? (What do they believe? What do they want?)

WHERE is the fear that prevents action?

WHEN do you expect people to take action? If the answer is 'now', what keeps people from saying, 'later'? It's safer that way.

WHY? What will these people tell their friends?

From: http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2015/06/ev...

From Strangers to Your Readers

Attraction Pathway

In this class, we're primarily focused on moving people from strangers to buyers, with most of our focus on the first two stages.


  • -- Which of these stages are you comfortable with?
  • -- Which are you not comfortable with?


Share your answers to the questions about and post any questions you have, and also any discoveries and ahas you got while reading this material.

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