Course Overview

Week 1

Lesson 1: Your core values and how to make sure those are a part of your branding and marketing

Lesson 2: What you stand for and how this can support your marketing efforts

Lesson 3: Defining your audience so that your marketing speaks to them

Week 2

Lesson 4: Crafting a 1-sentence branding statement to entice and invite people into your world

Lesson 5: Writing an author bio for your blog and social media to have at the ready

Lesson 6: How to use one of the most important tools in marketing: the Call to Action, in a way that’s aligned with your values

Week 3

Lesson 7: How to set up a mailing list system that works while you sleep

Lesson 8: Who your Key Influencers are and why they’re important

Lesson 9: Learn why launching and campaigns are important and how to craft successful ones

Week 4

Lesson 10: Ways authors can use their blog and what to say in blogging, and how to determine if blogging is right for you)

Lesson 11: Drafting a content plan that plays to your strengths, interests, and what works for you

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