Write, polish, and publish your novel!

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Fiction School for Dedicated Novelists

Write, polish, and publish your novel!

We're for you if:

  • ♥️ You're just starting and have with a kernel of an idea (Such a shiny idea, demanding to be shared!)
  • ♥️ You want to know how to develop your idea into a novel - to hold the book in your hands!
  • ♥️ You're ready to dive in and put ideas to page. Writing begets writing!
  • ♥️ You can work at your own pace. We offer self-paced courses with online teacher feedback.

"Beth Barany, of Barany School of Fiction, is an inspiring teacher and effective writing coach and editor. I took Beth's month-long [Plan Your Novel] course on writing fiction. The material was well organized, comprehensive, and entertaining. Beth and her husband Ezra held weekly Zoom sessions with participants. They were very responsive to questions and helpful in getting participants beyond stuck points in writing. Their feedback was constructive. I highly recommend them as teachers, coaches, and editors."

- Joan Lovett, Novelist

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